Engine and chassis

A master of acceleration.

Straight six-cylinder petrol engines in the BMW 323i and 335i.

The BMW 335i. This exciting six-cylinder in-line engine delivers a unique power-to-fuel consumption ratio. Thanks to High Precision Injection and two parallel turbochargers, it quickly builds up pressure, offering huge torque almost from standstill. 400 Nm are available from just 1,300 rpm. The engine responds immediately and revs up smoothly and willingly to 7,000 rpm. Direct petrol injection and Double-VANOS ensure that the 3.0-litre unit’s maximum power output of 225 kW is achieved both effortlessly and efficiently. Average fuel consumption is 9.8 litres per 100 km. Acceleration is at sports-car level: from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds. Top speed is limited to 250 km/h.

The BMW 323i. This smooth six-cylinder in-line engine has a top power output of 140 kW and features lightweight aluminium and magnesium components. Double-VANOS guarantees muscular torque across all engine speeds. The 323i sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.1 seconds, with a top speed of 231 km/h and an average fuel consumption of just 8.5 litres per 100 km.