BMW EfficientDynamics

Reduced fuel consumption, increased driving pleasure.

BMW EfficientDynamics in the BMW 3 Series Touring.


BMW is committed to dealing with resources in a sustainable and responsible manner. BMW Effi cientDynamics is our approach to reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions, while simultaneously increasing the sheer driving pleasure unique to BMW. Intelligent light-weight construction, refi ned aerodynamic design, highly effi cient engines with innovative fuel injection technology and modern energy management systems are all part of the BMW Effi cientDynamics approach. Our role in developing hydrogen as the zero-emissions fuel of tomorrow is also a key element in bringing more effi cient dynamics to the future of driving.

Light-weight construction:
For components where the use of lighter materials is advantageous, our engineers use aluminium – in the engine bay, for example, and the chassis. In the new six-cylinder in-line engines, magnesium is used in the crankcase, helping to make these power units the lightest in their class. Reducing weight enables more spontaneous power development, shorter braking distances and heightened agility, particularly on bends.

The excellent aerodynamic design of BMW bodyshells helps reduce air resistance. This leads to better fuel efficiency and lower emissions, and also works to ensure vehicle stability at higher speeds.

Engine optimisation:
Innovations such as the fuel injection system High Precision Injection (HPI) and the fully-variable valve control system Valvetronic are just two elements of the BMW Effi cientDynamics philosophy that help to improve BMW engines. Engines with HPI run in lean-burn mode over a broad range of engine speeds: the lean fuel/air mix injected directly into the combustion chamber ensures excellent fuel efficiency while also increasing outstandingly dynamic performance. Valvetronic precisely regulates the flow of air into the chamber by controlling the air intake valves, resulting in lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions, while still delivering uncompromising dynamics.