BMW Financial Services

Finance Lease

Finance Lease is available for GST registered businesses.

Funding a vehicle with BMW Lease enables you to free up capital and use it for other purposes. In most cases under BMW Lease no additional security will be required, however, where the hirer is a company, we may require a guarantee from the directors of the company or some other appropriate persons.

Because you are GST registered a portion of each payment will be treated as input tax.

The treatment of the payments for income tax will be determined by the term of the contract. If the term of the contract is 45 months or less, the monthly payments are treated as rentals and are thus an expense item. If the term is greater than 45 months then the interest charges and depreciation are claimed as expense items for tax purposes.

The special advantage of leasing is that it enables you to structure the contract to best suit your needs. By selecting the contract term and the most suitable residual value, you can tailor your monthly repayment. And because the repayments are known in advance, you have firm control over your budget.

Simply select the motor vehicle that best suits your needs, then talk with the Business Manager at your local centre.

Together you can work out the appropriate loan period, residual, and monthly payments that best fits your lifestyle.